National Aerospace Week is organized and supported by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA).  We’re inviting all AIA companies, interest groups and associations, academic institutions and individuals who have an interest in the industry to join us during National Aerospace Week – September 14-20, 2014 – to recognize the enormous contribution that America’s aerospace and defense industry and its workers have and are continuing to make to our nation’s well-being.

In 2010, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed resolutions permanently establishing the third week of September as National Aerospace Week. Since its introduction, National Aerospace Week has been supported nationwide through events highlighting the industry and its powerful workforce across the nation.

Organizations across America have sponsored events during this annual celebration with a distinct message – our industry brings numerous benefits to the lives of every American, creates good jobs, benefits our entire economy, and manufacturers the world’s best aerospace and defense systems.

America’s aerospace and defense industry is a powerful force with enduring impact. The aerospace and defense industry directly employs nearly one million workers, supports another 2.5 million jobs in all 50 states, and generates the largest foreign trade surplus of any manufacturing sector – a $72 billion foreign trade surplus in 2013.

Support the Industry – Join the Coalition

We need you and your organization to support America’s aerospace and defense industry during National Aerospace Week by hosting events and communicating with elected officials – at the federal, state and local levels – about the issues that matter most to our industry. Below are a few helpful tips about how you can help celebrate.

With the mid-term elections in full-swing, it’s important that we all work together to communicate to elected officials that our entire industry – civil aviation, national security, and space – is a national asset that should not be taken for granted and is at risk on many fronts.

While some legislative measures have eased short-term budget cuts to our industry, we remain focused on the long-term budget concerns facing our industry as sequestration returns in full in 2016. That is why we must also communicate our strong support for the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im), which is due to expire on September 30, 2014, and will cost America its competitive edge in the global exports market. In 2013, Ex-Im supported 3,400 companies of all sizes, generated $1.1 billion dollars for American taxpayers and supported 205,000 jobs.

Taking Action

CoalitionWe’re asking that you, your co-workers, members of your community, and others join the Second to None Coalition so that our industry may speak with a single, unified voice to resonate with Congress and the Administration.

The battle for our industry’s future in only beginning – which is why this Coalition built out of like-minded supporters like you is critical for America’s future. So, visit and take action to support the issues in our industry that you care about.

With members of Congress returning to their states and districts for the election cycle this fall, now is the time to join with other supporters who have already signed up as Coalition members to strengthen our industry’s future. With your support, we will be heard loud and clear.

Sponsoring an Event

If you would like to host a National Aerospace Week event, please contact Don Forest – National Aerospace Week Coordinator at Be creative – we welcome new ideas! The criteria for National Aerospace Week events are simple.

The event should:

  • Advance understanding of the aerospace and defense industry;
  • Support the aerospace and defense workforce (future and current); or
  • Support a charitable cause or organization linked to aerospace.

For companies, communities, and stakeholders:

  • Outreach to communities/elected officials:
    • Host open houses and facility visits for members of Congress and the public;
    • Brief community leaders and members of Congress on industry issues and the company;
    • Sponsor an event;
    • Advertise in local publications;
    • Speak to local community organizations;
    • Place op-eds in local publications;
    • Schedule interviews with local press; and/or
    • Sign up for the Second to None Coalition and use resources provided on the site to send letters to elected officials augmenting industry information with company-specific data.
  • Outreach to employees:
    • Send an e-mail thanking employees the week of National Aerospace Week, encourage them to sign-up for the Second to None Coalition, and write elected representatives about the importance of their facility to the nation’s economy, national security, or the nation’s innovation;
    • Display National Aerospace Week posters (camera-ready logo available on the National Aerospace Week website);
    • Place articles and advertisements in house; and/or
    • Link your website to
  • Outreach to schools to drive STEM interest and messaging:
    • Host “Careers in Aerospace” day in schools;
    • Arrange facility tours of local aerospace and defense companies for students; and/or
    • Develop an industry orientation day for teachers.

National Aerospace Week Resources

Spread the Word!

If you are participating in National Aerospace Week as a business, individual or organization we encourage you to spread the word to let your family, friends, employees, co-workers and supporters know what you are doing to participate this year.

    • Stay involved in the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag: #AeroWeek
    • Tweet at the Aerospace Industries Association via @AIAspeaks
    • Share your photos with the Aerospace Industries Association at
    • Check out videos from the Aerospace Industries Association’s YouTube channel.

National Aerospace Week Logos

To download high resolution National Aerospace Week logos, please click here.